Assorted Mischief
Go on... you know you want to.

Final Fantasy Overdose
Have you been spending too much time in the world of oversized swords and long-haired villains? Here are some warning signs if you're not sure.

Pending Anime Laws
One day I will rule the anime universe. I have this set of laws all drawn up. The anime characters have refused to implement them yet, but they will. Oh, they will. Just you wait.

The Rogue's Handbook
Inspired by Peter Anspach's fabulous Evil Overlord List. All 'round the web, there are guidelines for heroes, villains, sidekicks, princesses, and even henchminions. But what of the dashing rogues? They're a class all their own, baby, and we've got a handy list of tips for them right here.

Too Much Sugar
Have you been going a little heavy on the ice cream and marshmallow cereal? Perhaps eating both those things in combination? This list will help you decide when enough is enough.

Guest Submissions

Wal-Mart Hijinks
More location-specific than the list of Assorted Mischief, these are some things you can do to stay amused at your local supercenter.

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