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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 4:53 am    Post subject: Sancries Reply with quote

Um, yeah, this is something I did mostly for practice. If you read it, please tell me what you think, I'd love to hear constructive criticism. I have another one of these about Xander Sancries, and if you want to read it I could post it here too.


Ares moved silently and carefully down the curved staircase which lead to the main hall. His sister had finally managed to fall asleep and he did certainly not want to wake her from her light sleep.
The skinny teenager with hair black as ink shuddered as soon as he put his foot on the main hall's stone floor. It was always cold in the Sancries' mansion, especially on floors with no carpets. Ares glanced at the big windows that let in some of the gloomy daylight. Instead of enlightning and cheering up the hall it only accentuated the shadows in the corners and behind the pillars and made the hall look even more hostile.
Just as Ares was about to cross the hall, the gate was opened and his twenty year-old relative, Xander, entered. The dark-haired young man was, as usually, wearing a gray trenchcoat. When Xander became aware of his younger relative, he politely lifted his chaffeur's hat with the Sancries' family weapon onembrodied. Ares smiled absent-mindedly and saluted him briefly before he with echoing footsteps exited the hall.
Ares went to the mansion's library, a big room with a balcony of sorts, crammed with shelves filled with both old, leatherbound books and newer, paperback books. As Ares went up the stairs to the balcony, he greeted his grand uncle Jeuves, the Librarian, who was sorting some ancient-looking books.
Long ago, Ares had brought an armchair up here and put it in the corner of two bookshelves, and this had become his happy place. It was always here he came to relax with a book when he was stressed or upset. Right now, he was both.

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