First, the Lovely Entries!

(Listed alphabetically, by author!)

The Speed-Planter
By Alex "Wings of Wrath" (deviantArt)

Perhaps this really was its original intended purpose.
It Conquers All
By Athena (Deviantart)

Behold the power of Java. <3
Ode to the Light Bringer
By Brendan

A dramatic account of Lucideus' prologue adventures, in villanelle form!
Jen Doll
By Elizabeth

You know you want to hug her.
Jen, Warrior Peasant
By Ety

Look on the bright side, Sir Noble: tomatoes might ruin your elegant garb, but they don't hurt nearly as much as potatoes.
Handbook for the Homeville Harvest Festival
By Fenris and Company

Join your guide, Adelbart de Poncerton, as he observes the quaint eccentricities of the simple village folk. Wonders and amusements await!
Gauth Cosplay
By Hayazaki Iroke (deviantArt)

A great costume, and greater poses. <3 You know, I'm starting to believe those people who say that Gauth looks a bit feminine...
Not the Sideburns!
By Jennie

An eye for an eye, and a 'do for a 'do. Add a mocking sheep, and the circle of vengeance is complete.
By Julia

Entertaining poetic homage to some of the non-protagonistic characters of the story. (Possible spoilers, for those who haven't read the old version.)
Henson Ball-and-Cup Game
By Kenosaki

Your friendly neighborhood hero is now more interactive than ever! Don't believe the indignant expression. He loves this game.
Welcome... to the World of Tomorrow!
By KitFang (deviantArt)

What do our chronologically displaced heroes find back at home? (Again, possible spoilers for those who haven't read the old version -- and probable hilarity for those who have.)
A Prestidigitator with Pizazz
By Liliy (Wiglaf & Mordred)

Jen is bringin' the snazz! Her lovely assistant, Henson, may be offscreen -- but let it be known that he is wearing a bunny suit.
True Dance Magic
By Lisa

A startling revelation: Jen has the same hairstyle as Sarah from the movie Labyrinth! Evidently she is also well-suited to her dress. (And Kiku looks surprisingly good in a cravat.)
True Magic's 1st Birthday Photo Album
By "Me"

Why don't you want everyone to see your baby pictures, heroes? You look adorable!
The Bob and The Joe
By Shandr (deviantArt)

We are Bob and Joe. We are far more suave than you.
Heroic Henson
By Zela (Adhemlenei)

Henson heroically hefts his handy Homevillian hhh... hmmm... homescythe!

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