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Page 527

Page 527 is up!

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

I hope you all get to enjoy plenty of relaxation and festivity, in whatever proportions you prefer. ♥

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Northwind Comic

Two well-meaning yet clueless angels have been banished to Earth. What did these charming fellows do to get in such trouble? And what further mischief will they stir up on Earth? Read the comic to find out!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Page 526 is up!

Thanksgiving is coming up and, as always, I'm so thankful for my wonderful readers. ♥

Thank you for your patience, support, and continued interest in the story!


Page 525

Page 525 is up!

Here's wishing you a safe and happy Halloween season. ♥


Page 524

Page 524 is up!

♥ Many thanks to John for becoming the newest True Magic patron! I really appreciate your support. ♥

In other news: Happy (belated) Comic Birthday!

Counting the 5-year run of the old version, TM turned 18 this month. :O

Thanks for hanging in there, guys! I hope you'll continue to enjoy the story. ♥


Page 523

Page 523 is up! Thank you for your continued patience!

♥ And thank you so much to D.L. for your support this month! ♥


Page 522

Page 522 is up!

I'm still working to catch up. Thank you for reading. ♥


Page 521 + Status Update!

Page 521 is up!

In other news, I just spent an entire month troubleshooting hardware and software issues, among other challenges. I've pretty much sorted it out now (Yay!), but the delay put me even further behind schedule on the comic and all my other work.

So, updates will continue to be unpredictable as I work to catch up on the (newly expanded) backlog.

Even if things are quiet for a while, rest assured: I'm alive and well, and still working on the comic.

At this point, I don't need any more help or advice -- I just need a nice smooth month of peace and quiet while I get back up to speed.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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