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Page 537 + Happy 20th Anniversary!

Page 537 is up!

Some of you may know that the current version of True Magic is actually a reboot that started in 2008. Before that, there was a five-year "practice run" that began in 2003.

Just for fun, I went back to that old 2003 comic, and made some before-and-after images for several characters — including the main party, some obscure bit parts, and the all-important gigantoad. :3

If you want to compare the ancient proto-versions of the cast with how they are today, I've assembled an image slideshow on Patreon in a free public post:

2003-2023 Character Evolution

Anyway, whether you found the comic 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago, thank you for reading! There's a LOT of story ahead, and I hope you''ll continue to enjoy the adventure. ♥

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