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July 10th Update!

Page 398 is up! (And if you're a patron, you can check out the next 4 pages too!)

This week, let me tell you about...


I joined this webcomic collective a few years ago, and I'm glad that I did!

It's a great place to discover new comics, chat with creators, and pick up useful advice on how to improve your craft. (My own comic-making process has benefitted greatly from the insights I've found on the SF forum.)

It's a lovely community, full of excellent comics and (most importantly) excellent comic creators. Every interaction I've had with other collective members has been very positive.

A forest full of spiders might sound scary, but fear not! These spiderfriends are very welcoming and supportive.

And guess what?

If you make a webcomic that you think would be a good fit, and you'd like to be part of a fun and friendly community, please feel free to apply. ♥

Joiiiiin usssss.

Is there anything you'd like to recommend? Feel free to tell me about it on the forum!

Featured Friend:

Adhemlenei: Fantasy Artwork

The blog and art gallery of one of True Magic's long-time readers, Zela (a.k.a. Illinia). There's a ton of art and writing to browse, as well as two(!) ongoing fantasy webcomics. Good fun. Go see!

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