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Temporary Schedule Change

Hey guys! You might notice the comic update schedule slowing down for a while.

One of my main clients has a deadline coming up for an important project. In order to help get everything finished on time, I'll be doing extra work for him for the next few months.

Instead of putting the comic completely on hold, I'll be doing my best to keep up a slower-but-still-steady posting rate of a new page every other week. Please have patience, and wish me luck!

I'm still working toward the goal of creating the comic full-time. Meanwhile, my heartfelt thanks go out to all the wonderful True Magic patrons who believe in my work and help me to make more of it. You are the ones who make it possible for me to keep my apartment and keep the comic alive. ♥

And as always, thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys the comic. I'm happy that you're here!

Thanks for reading!

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