Ongoing Comics

Awkward Zombie
Hilarity abounds, frequently in the form of gaming humor. A must-read for any fan of Zelda and/or Smash Bros. Also: The artist draws (and makes) the best facial expressions ever.

Dark Places
A horror-fantasy-adventure comic with striking artwork and a well-written, engaging story. Who would have guessed that Lovecraftian horror and eerie fair-folk lore would blend so well?

Dr. McNinja (NSFW)
A consistently surprising and hilarious comic with a knack for making the bizarre seem logical. You will believe that humans can evolve their own jetpacks!

Flaky Pastry
Fun, strange, cute, fun, and really well drawn. Did I mention fun?

Girl Genius
A brilliantly written adventure with the perfect balance of humor and drama. And science! Read it for SCIENCE!

Gunnerkrigg Court
"Adventure and intrigue at a vast, mysterious boarding school" doesn't begin to describe it. Just go see!

Jack of All Blades
Action, adventure, and a mage who who doubles as a vending machine. Also: penguins!

Hijinks, escapades, and mad capers in the roaring '20s! Also: Some of the most stunning pencil art in the history of EVER.

Fun farcical fantasy at its finest.

No Need For Bushido
Come for the humor, stay for the story. Beautiful art, brilliant sound effects, and kickass fight scenes abound in this adventure.

No Rest For The Wicked
This is what fairytales should be. Definitely a must-read.

Sheldon Comics
When life hands you billions, make a talking duck.

Spiky-Haired Dragon, Worthless Knight
The only way our hero can break his curse is by killing a dragon. What happens when he finds one? Naturally, they become best friends.

Sunset Grill
A futuristic story that's hard to describe in a sentence or two. The characters are engaging and the dialogue is snappy. The story world is incredibly well developed, and the pacing is excellent -- so you'll always be intrigued, never overwhelmed. Very well done. Read it!

Two Rooks (NSFW)
Action, intrigue, awesome artwork, and a suave Irishman with a fake Irish accent. Love.

Fantastic art and an entertaining story, starring a psychotic damsel and a hero in distress.

Van Von Hunter
Action! Adventure! Lovably incompetant villains! Another must-read.

Zebra Girl
A solid story that hooks you with humor and then reels you inexorably into the plot. The artwork, incidentally, is amazing.

Completed Comics

A Final Fantasy parody that's guaranteed to make you laugh.

How can you have a great fantasy comic without a cast of do-gooder heroes? This is how.

The Front
A Saturday morning cartoon-style comic that does everything right. Join me in proffering adulation to the Brigadier General!

A dubious experiment in storytelling, most likely finished. Look, ma! I drew part of it!

Gigaville: The Last Days of FOXHOUND (NSFW)
A brilliant parody of the Metal Gear Solid series.

Adventure! Drama! Hilarity! (Pirates!) It's Art Curation... IN SPACE!

Terror Island
The world's best gamepiece photo comic. Clever writing, fun plot, great photography.

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