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The People of the Prologue

Lucideus, a.k.a. Light Bringer

The god of light who illuminated the world after the age of darkness. Unfortunately, though he is quite incandescent, he isn't particularly bright.

The High Priest

The self-appointed leader of those gifted with magic. He's determined to use his power for the greater good of the world, whether the world likes it or not.

Idealistic Coffee Guy, a.k.a. Java

Another priest of Lucideus. When you can set things on fire with the power of your mind, what do you do? Obviously, warm up a nice mug of coffee.

The Peasants of the Present


A simple country lad who has, for various reasons, gotten quite good at slicing potatoes with a scythe.


A simple country lass who has, for similar reasons, become adept at shearing sheep with a halberd.


A keen young man who wears equally keen metal claws on his hands. Anyone need a shave?


A self-educated commoner and amateur raconteur. If you throw a potato at him, he can peel it before it hits the ground.


The village weapons expert. He invented or customized most of the implements that the rest of our heroes wield.

Proto-Gentry Mascot

A one-eyed teddy bear languishing in the heroes' headquarters. Its original owner is undisclosed.

The Bandits

Bandit Boss

The brains of the bandit trio. Runs from the rich, robs from the poor.


The brawn of the bandit trio. Slightly obsessed with potatoes.


The third guy of the bandit trio. Has delicate ribs.

The Night Watch

Sergeant Garrett Lockwood
Named by landscapeofalie and Purplefire!

The no-nonsense guy in charge of the Tier Zero night watch.

Private Kian Andir
First name by landscapeofalie!

A keen, if overly impressionable, young watchman. He stands for justiiice!

Corporal Phineas Phidega
First name by Purplefire!

A stolidly apathetic soldier. His jokes are as bad as his case of helmet-hair.

"Doc" Wimbledon Lacey
Named by Zela!

A sketch artist who draws, as it were, by hand (no pencil required).

Corporal Bree Connelly
Named by Saint Cy!

A guard who somehow maintains nice hair despite wearing a helmet.

Private Julius B. Acacius
Named by Avatara, Brady and landscapeofalie!

A green recruit in a red shirt. Secretly, his middle initial stands for Bradypus.

The City Folk


A student at the Cultured Lads' Academy. Tries to oppress peasants for fun, but often fails.

C.L.A.S.S. Student Trio

Tipsy frat boys with fire magic. If they offer to show you a neat trick, the answer is no.

Green-Haired Mystery Man

A man on a mission. Looking for someone to join him on a terribly important quest.


A sunny little fellow who hangs around the Red Lamp District. Seems generally helpful.


A recruiter who offers to hire (or possibly purchase) our heroes for purposes unknown.

The Bouncetender

A guy who tends the bar at Maceo's Hotel. Decides who can enter the back room for the "Nightly Special."

The Gladiators


The snarky one.
Equal parts helpful and creepy.


The twitchy one.
Very attached to the Therapy Bunny.


The burly one.
Has surprisingly nice hair.


Therapy Bunny

The fluffy one.
Always ready for a hug.


Prize Cameos

Created by Hayazaki Iroke!

A stylin' citizen who runs into our heroes on a night out. Gains Kiku's instant loyalty by offering free food.

Created by KitFang!

An observant patron of Maceo's Hotel. Earns a place in our heroes' hearts by introducing them to cocoa.

Adelbart de Poncerton
Created by Fenris_Vile and Company!

A jovial anthropologist and intrepid explorer. Generously shares one of his spare maps.


Village Youngsters
They spend all day roughhousing, playing outside, and running for their lives whenever a noble attacks.

The Postman
Faithfully and punctually delivers the mail to Homeville every week. Occasionally throws in a bonus fireball.

The postman's horse. Doesn't take guff from anybody.

The Puppy
Tirelessly chases the postman's horse, despite the fact that it never ends well.

Jen and Joe's Mom
Demonstrates formidable broomsmanship.

Lord Octopod Evangelist
Tell me, brother -- have you found salvation by His glorious tentacle?

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