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Keeping the Magic Alive

Page 450 is up! (And the next page is up early for patrons!)

Update: Thank you to everyone who has responded so far! Since I posted this last week, it looks like my projected monthly income (before Patreon fees, and assuming an average of four pages per month) has increased by $41 -- about halfway to covering the upcoming $81 rent increase.

I'm so thankful that you guys are willing to help. ♥

Current Progress: $41/$81

Many thanks to this month's new patrons, and to the long-time patrons who increased their pledges:

♥ Hyde
♥ Jann
♥ Maggie
♥ Marianne
♥ Marquis
♥ Mersharr
♥ Michelle
♥ Neal
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♥ Penn
♥ Quau
♥ Sparkleswords
♥ Willow

See how fast even a dollar or two per person can add up? Every pledge really does make a difference.

Please help us get the rest of the way there!

2019 marks True Magic's 16th year on the web (11 years since the 2008 reboot). I'm thankful for all the readers who have joined me on this adventure. Some of you have even been here since the beginning, in 2003. Wow!

Special thanks go out to all of you who have taken the time to encourage me along the way, and to sponsor my work on Patreon. The support I receive from my patrons literally pays my rent...

...which brings me to a rather urgent quandary:

My current rent payment already eats up 100% of my Patreon income (meaning that I have to fill every spare moment with contract work in order to pay for anything else, like food or electricity) -- and I just found out that my landlord is going to start charging a LOT more, starting at the end of this month.

With my current budget, the only expense I could possibly cut at this point would be food -- and since I'm already living on lentils and pasta, that's not exactly a viable option.

Although I'm working harder than ever to create high-quality pages, support for the comic has plateaued (or even dwindled) over the past few years. Meanwhile, the rent on my tiny apartment has gone up and up.

My schedule is already overloaded. Doing more work is simply not possible. My only hope is to find more support for the work I'm already doing. If a few more readers would pledge even a dollar (per page or even per month), it would make a world of difference to me!

If you think nothing of buying the occasional candy bar, bag of chips, or cup of coffee... would you casually grab a tasty handful of comic updates for the same price?

Would you consider pledging the cost of a candy bar to help support True Magic?

By purchasing that tiny luxury ($1-5 for a month of comics), you can make it possible for me to afford a vital necessity (a place to live while I make more comics for you).

True Magic is truly a labor of love. Each page requires 20+ hours of focused work -- not just in drawing and rendering the art, but in the hours upon hours of writing and editing that go into creating a story worth reading. I do my utmost to make every aspect of the comic the best I can for your enjoyment.

If my work has brought you any joy, will you help me to continue? Every dollar adds up, and every patron makes a huge difference.

(Note: My Patreon is set up so that people pledge a certain amount per page, but if you'd prefer to contribute a fixed amount per month, you can! Just set your monthly spending limit to the same amount as your pledge, and that's the exact amount you'll be charged each month -- regardless of how many pages I post.)

And if you're already a patron: Thank you so, so much! You are keeping True Magic alive, and you are awesome. ♥

I'll keep doing my best to make this comic as good as I can, for as long as I can.

Thank you for reading and considering!

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