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Update Schedule

Hey guys! It looks like the update schedule will be unpredictable for a while.

I'm still working steadily on the comic, but progress is slow. (Lately every scene requires heavy editing/revision -- and the growing pile of non-TM work has been demanding more time and attention as well.) Trying (and often failing) to meet a weekly update schedule has just been adding extra stress on top of the heap.

So I'll be aiming for a page or two per month, but without any designated update days. I'll just keep working on pages until they're done, and post them when they're ready.

In case you aren't using it already, you might like to subscribe to the RSS feed so that you can be notified of new pages automatically, without having to manually check for them.

Thank you for reading! ♥

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January 31st Update!

Page 516 is up! (And the next page is up early for patrons!)

Thank you for your patience! And...

♥ Thank you to D.S., D.L. and AGM for your kind support. ♥
You're helping immensely to keep the comic (and me) going!


Happy New Year!

Page 515 is up! (First ever double-length page!)

NOTE: Most likely the next comic update will be sometime in late January.

Here's wishing you all a truly excellent New Year. ♥ I hope 2021 will be better for you in every way!

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