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Happy New Year!

Page 515 is up! (First ever double-length page!)

NOTE: Most likely the next comic update will be sometime in late January.

Here's wishing you all a truly excellent New Year. ♥ I hope 2021 will be better for you in every way!

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Happy Holidays!

Page 514 is up!

(And the next page -- a.k.a. the Boss Page that took two weeks to finish -- is up early for patrons!)

I hope you all enjoy a lovely, relaxing holiday. ♥


Update Next Week

Hey guys! Sorry about the delay. The artwork for the current scene is requiring more work than usual, so I'll have to postpone this week's update. Page 514 will be up on the 15th the 22nd (hopefully).

[Edit: I've been working on the same page all week, and it's slow going. Gonna keep at it until it's done, though!]

Thank you for your patience! Please keep taking good care of yourselves. ♥


December 1st Update!

Page 513 is up! (And the next page is up early for patrons!)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Page 512 is up! (And the next page is up early for patrons!)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I'm thankful for you guys all year 'round, but this is a nice time to actually say it. ♥

Thank you to everyone who supports True Magic on Patreon. Your support means the world to me, and it's a tremendous practical help as well. The comic would be a couple hundred pages shorter right now, if not for you!

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment on new pages. You guys are some of the kindest (and wittiest) readers that a writer could hope for.

Thank you to everyone who reads the comic, even if reading is the only thing you do. I'm sharing this story in hopes of entertaining people who love the same fantasy tropes that I do -- so if TM turns out to be your cup o' tea, I'm thrilled! I hope that reading it adds a little more joy to your life. :)

♥ And a special thank-you to Clara for your generous support this week! ♥
You've definitely given me more to be thankful for.

Here's wishing you all a safe and peaceful day!

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