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Good Stuff Ahoy!

For a while now, I've been wanting to post more fun things for you in this news section! The thing is, I'm pretty much doing the same things month after month. (Working hard and making comics... but you already knew that.)

So, how about I share some of the great work from other creators that I've been enjoying?

Maybe you'll enjoy it too!

This week, let me tell you about...


This guy makes some truly awesome music. The combination of creative melodies and deep bass somehow makes it both relaxing and energizing. His Miracle album makes a great drawing/writing/working soundtrack.

Here are a few of my favorite individual songs:

Spirit of Life (Makes whatever you're doing feel epic.)

Relentless (Great track for Getting Things Done.)

Let It Be (So pretty!)

Is there anything you'd like to recommend? Feel free to tell me about it on the forum!

Featured Friend:

Northwind Comic

Two well-meaning yet clueless angels have been banished to Earth. What did these charming fellows do to get in such trouble? And what further mischief will they stir up on Earth? Read the comic to see!


Happy Comic Anniversary! And Other Good News

September 16th marks the start of a new year of True Magic. Huzzah!

Also, you may have noticed that we've had a new comic page every week recently! I'm eager to get back to the normal update schedule (and maybe even improve upon on it).

If you're enjoying the comic, you're welcome to join in the fun directly and become a True Magic patron! As a thank-you gift, I always make each new page available for patrons at least a week before I publish it here on the main site. (Right now, you can see the next three pages.)

We're almost halfway to the very modest funding goal that would allow me to produce the comic full-time. Meanwhile, every dollar pledged is helping me to keep the lights on, keep buying food, and keep creating more handsome peasant hijinks to share with you guys. ♥

Thank you for being awesome!


Northwind Returns!

Northwind, one of my favorite webcomics, just started updating again!

If you enjoy True Magic, I'm pretty sure you'll like Northwind as much as I do. It's a fun urban fantasy adventure with an intriguing story, charming characters, some delightfully silly moments, and... did I mention that it features handsome angels with fabulous hair?

Go check it out, my friends! ♥

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