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July 28th Update! + Next Update in a Few Weeks

Page 502 is up! (And the next page is up early for patrons!)

♥ Many cheers to Lulu for becoming the newest True Magic patron! ♥
Thank you for helping me to create more of the comic!

Schedule News: The next few scenes include quite a bit of Important Story Stuff™ that I've been planning for years, and so I need some extra time to make sure it's all done right.

I usually sort out the exact details of a scene a few pages at a time (taking the main points of the plot outline, and refining them into specific dialogue, panel-by-panel action, etc.) -- but the next 12 scenes need to fit together in a way that can only work if I get them all sorted out at once.

So my usual Comic Drawing Time is becoming Auxiliary Scripting Time, and that's what I'll be working on with every free minute for the next few weeks. Wish me luck!

Regular comic page updates will resume sometime in mid-to-late August.

Meanwhile, I'm working as hard as ever on the comic -- there's just a lot more "pre-production" to do right now.

Thank you for your understanding, and please keep taking good care of yourselves.

I'll look forward to seeing you all next month!

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July 22nd Update!

Page 501 is up! (And the next page is up early for patrons!)

♥ Thank you to D.L. for your generous support! ♥
It is truly encouraging, and always a great help.

Thanks for your patience, guys!



500 Pages!

Page 500 is up! (And the next page is up early for patrons!)

Thank you so much for sticking with the comic this far! There's a lot more to come, and so many fun story moments that I'm looking forward to sharing with you guys. ♥

Everything has seemed particularly difficult lately, but let's keep doing our best to get through it. Speaking for myself, it's been hard to fight discouragement, but I can still get a kind of satisfaction from knowing that I'm doing everything I can from one day to the next.

Things will get better.

Please take care of yourselves, be kind to each other, and stay safe. ♥

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