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May 21st Update!

Page 443 is up! (And all patrons can read the next 2 pages early!)

What have we here? Either a new character or a very old one, depending on your perspective. :3

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Flaky Pastry: Fun - Danger - Romance - Frosting
Flaky Pastry

The button says it all. Almost. (I guess there wasn't room to mention "awesome characters" and "totally sweet artwork.")


May 14th Update!

Page 442 is up! (And the next 3 pages are up early for all patrons!)

Thank you for reading. ♥


May 7th Update!

Page 441 is up! (And patrons can also see the next 3 pages early!)

In other news, astute patron Richard reminded me that the Cast page was missing a few people (including a very important character by the same name). So I've added a new section (“The Gladiators”) for the guys that our heroes met in the arena!

There are still several minor characters who haven't made it onto the list, as well as some not-so-minor ones that could be tricky to include (given that the page is meant to be spoiler-free). If you think there's someone I really ought to add, though, let me know!


April 30th Update!

Page 440 is up! (And if you're a patron, you can also see the next 3 pages today!)

Also, since a new month is about to start, here's a quick reminder that you can always see a preview panel from the next week's page by taking a couple seconds to vote for True Magic on TopWebComics.

Most webcomics have a TWC listing, so maybe find your other favorites and vote for all of them while you're there! (That's part of my morning routine now: a cup of tea, and a round of votes for my faves on TWC.) It's a nice thing that you can do for free to help more people discover the comics you love. ♥

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