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Page 234 is up! (And for our classy patrons, Pages 235 and 236 are up early!)

I've been looking forward to this part for a while. :D

...And while you're here, how about checking out the Spark of the Day?

Shazzbaa's Journal Comic
Today Nothing Happened

Contrary to the title, quite a lot of fun things happen in this webcomic. And no matter how cute, clever or crazy events may seem, remember: it's a journal comic! There's truth in every page.

Posted by Aja at 11:50 PM



Page 233 is up! (And for our handsome patrons, Pages 234 and 235 are up early!)

Also, astute reader Valerie pointed out the original list that inspired the one I mentioned last week. It gave me quite a few chuckles. :D

If you know of other good humor lists, feel free to send me a link!

Thank you for reading, and here's wishing you a great weekend. ♥

Posted by Aja at 9:50 PM



Page 232 is up! (And for our patrons, who make the comic possible, Pages 233 and 234 are up early!)

By the way, I'm sure you've heard of the Evil Overlord List and the Grand List of Console RPG Clichés... but have you seen THIS?

It's an epic-length list of roleplaying guidelines, such as:

2. A one man band is not an appropriate bard instrument.

148. There is no Gnomish Deathgrip, and even if there was, it wouldn't involve tongs.

1235. Not allowed to use the replicator and transporter to fill the Bird of Prey with Jello.

All very important! Just don't try to absorb it all in one sitting. ;)

Posted by Aja at 6:00 AM

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