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257 - Hold That Thought

Posted 2015-03-03
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Happy New Year!

I hope you've all had a lovely holiday, and that 2015 is starting out well for you.

In comic-related news: The previous post is still super-relevant! But it was also super-long, so here's a shorter (and more up-to-date) explanation of what's happening:

First and foremost: Heartfelt thanks to everyone who's supporting True Magic on Patreon!

We're 75% of the way to our full-time funding goal, which is wonderful. If you're a patron, you are truly our hero. ♥

My Challenge: My main freelance job is ending soon -- and finding replacement work is not an option, for several reasons. However...

Your Potential Benefit: The best thing for me to do is devote more time to something that's already working. Fortunately for all of us, that includes the comic!

OUR GOAL: Reach the $400 Patreon Milestone that I can afford to develop True Magic full-time, produce regular updates, and share a lot more of the story with you!

I want to shower you with comic pages. Will you help me?

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That's it!

For the price of a candy bar, YOU can be our hero too. Every pledge helps!

(And remember, you only pay your pledge after I deliver a new page -- and even then, only if it's within your chosen monthly limit. You're always in control of how much you give, and you're free to adjust at any time.)

To everyone who supports True Magic in any way: Thank you again! Every dollar, every fun comment, and every word of encouragement makes a world of difference to us.

And even if we never hear from you, if you're reading and enjoying the comic, we're glad you're here. :)

Thank you guys for making 2014 True Magic's best year yet. ♥ Here's to even better times for all of us in 2015!

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