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Posted 2015-09-01
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Happy September!

This is my favorite time of year. The weather is cooling off, the holidays are getting closer, and True Magic's anniversary is coming up on the 16th. (Also, I'm pretty sure I'll have another cool thing to tell you about next week!)

If you're enjoying the comic, remember that you can help me create much more of it by supporting True Magic on Patreon! The wonderful support we're receiving so far has made it possible for me to keep TM updating steadily, every week, for over a year now -- and with just a small additional boost, I could afford to take comic production to the next level, and start treating TM as my full-time job. More pages for everybody!

In a nutshell, Patreon is similiar to Kickstarter -- except that instead of raising a huge sum for a one-time project (like a print book), patrons pledge a small recurring donation to keep an ongoing project (like this webcomic)... well... ongoing! Ideally, many readers each contribute a tiny amount. With your powers combined, that full-time funding goal is well within reach!

The best part is, you don't even have to wait for us to hit the goal -- the moment you make a pledge of any size, you get the instant, patrons-only reward of seeing the next page (often two or three pages) before anyone else in the world.

No matter what, True Magic will always be free to read right here. Patron support helps me to keep paying my rent while making a lot more free comics for the world to enjoy.

Everyone wins!

As always, thank you for reading! ♥

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